12 days of Christmas: Day 1 – How I got in to blogging

Merry Christmas everyone! To kick start my 12 days of Christmas project, I wanted to share with you why I started blogging.

Back in 2012 I started up a blog (good luck if you can find it, it is still up and available) that was the complete opposite to what I’m doing now. Back then it was more about current affairs and opinions on it which you could say was very insightful for a 16 year old or very irritating, looking back I would call it the latter. Despite the fact I had a strong viewer base and following I eventually wrote a “I’m taking a break” post and never got back to it.

Fast forward 4 years later and it was during a very animated conversation about contouring with my colleague at the time that he suggested I should start up a blog. I was toying with the idea a few months prior to this but after floating the idea with the wrong person I lost my spark and thought nothing of it again until that afternoon with my colleague.

I decided to take the transition to cruelty free products so that I was able to use my blog as a comparison platform, proving that bunnies don’t have to get hurt in order for your brows to be on fleek. 

This time around I’m definitely in it for the long haul, blogging is not a get rich quick hobby it takes time to build your base, following and even getting products to try in the post for me it took about 4 months and I only got that because it was a small local company I had previously exuded my love over. I have a real passion for it this time and every day I’m learning something new about cruelty free products. 

How did you get in blogging? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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4 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas: Day 1 – How I got in to blogging

  1. That’s awesome that you use blogging as a way of promoting cruelty-free products and i really appreciate people like you! Keep being a gorgeous person! *-*

    Well, for me, i started my blog four/five days ago because i was simply bored and i usually have hard time talking to people around me, and when i manage to do that, i have a hard time finding people that shares my interests. I actually wanted to open up a Youtube channel, because booktubing seemed to be a great idea, but when i tried to get in front of the camera, the result turned out to be a disaster so i thought i could open a blog to express myself and maybe meet some other people who shares my interests, maybe even make friends. *u*

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I have just checked out your blog and your first posts are great!

      I’m in the same boat as you actually, so the goal now is to build my base and following then potentially invest in the right equipment once I think it would be viable. I would love to connect with some of the bloggers on here for sure, keep in touch and stay beautiful!

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