Inecto Lime & Mint Infusion shower gel and body spray review 

Inecto made me the happiest people in the world back in September when they sent me these two full size products to review*. It was the first thing as a blogger that I’ve managed to get through the post to try out, which is so exciting and I hope this is just the beginning. 

I received both the shower gel and body spray in the new infusions range, overall I was very impressed with both products and I feel like Inecto is really coming in to its own and improving so much with its packaging as it looks like it costs a lot more than it actually retails for in shops and also its a lot more ergonomic now, I’ll come on to that later.

Lime and Mint Body spray

I’m not usually a water based body spray sort of person, but this is just such a delicious spray. I used it just after the shower to give my neutral smelling moisturiser a boost and also in between coming home from work and heading out straight after. It’s a very fresh “pick me up smell” with the lime notes being the most identifiable initially. The smell doesn’t last very long but the Coconut does linger slightly if you directly smell the clothes you’ve sprayed it on to. 

In summary I really liked this body spray, it really wakes you up if you’re feeling jaded through the day but I would be more inclined to use this during the warmer weather. 

Lime and Mint Shower Gel 

This is the product that I am the most excited to talk about. It’s a real improvement from the normal coconut body wash which I reviewed here. The packaging has come along in leaps and bounds, changing from a screw off lid to a more sensible flip lid which makes for easier dispensing of the product and also the tube itself has a little bit of texture so it’s less slippery with wet hands. This is a really good morning shower gel as it wakes you up with the lime hitting you first and developing in to the mint. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and cleansed.

I really enjoy Inecto products and I can’t wait to see what they will bring out next.

*Although this was given to me by Inecto to review, this is not a sponsored post and I have received no payment to give a good review, this review is genuinely my opinion on the product with no influence.

Love and (high)light✌

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