Storytime: My Cruelty Free journey 

Shortly after the rollercoaster that has been 2016 started, I decided to actively seek Cruelty Free and wherever possible Vegetarian (bonus points if it’s Vegan) health and beauty alternatives.

It all started over the holiday season, where I was given a Shampoo and Conditioner from the Dr Organics range as a present. Dr Organics is a Haircare range built on being natural and cruelty free. After a couple of washes, it left my hair super soft and shiny. The following month, I was talking about my hair fall to my other aunt who surprised me on my next visit to hers with a set of Avalon Organics Shampoo and Conditioner, again another cruelty free company and also vegan.

These two companies made me really think about what I’m putting on my skin and also what I’m sending down the plughole.

I did have the odd cruelty free products already, but they were bought because I liked the packaging, smell or plain and simple I needed it. I only knew that it was cruelty free because it was plastered all over the packaging. I also felt extremely guilty when I found out what a negative impact my beloved face scrub packed with micro-beads had on the ocean. 

Following this decision, I’ve also tried moving on to a 80/20 diet where 80% of what I consume is vegetarian and the other 20% is ethically sourced meat (free range/organic/killed humanely). Ultimately the goal is to go vegetarian, but in all honesty phasing out meat gradually will be better for me rather than going cold Turkey (no pun intended).

I’ve always loved animals and growing up I wanted to be a vet so I honestly don’t know why it has taken me so long to start my journey. Despite not being a full vegan, I whole heartedly would choose a vegan option when it comes to cosmetics and beauty because we shouldn’t have to still be testing on animals or using their byproducts to make us look good, they sure as hell don’t use us in anyway so why should we subject them to it? 

As for all my products that have been tested on animals, I am using them up and not repurchasing which is actually going to do me a favour as I can them draw comparisons between tested and cruelty free. I would hate to just throw away all of my collection as that’s wasteful and counterproductive. 

I’m definitely looking forward to the new year and I also want to create an itinerary to draw comparisons on how many cruelty free products I’ve bought along with how many of my old products I’ve gotten rid of. 

Let me know in the comments below on why you started your journey! 

Love and (high)light✌

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2 thoughts on “Storytime: My Cruelty Free journey 

  1. Great post! I think phasing out meat slowly is a great idea, it was what I did when I first went vegetarian. I went cruelty free with my makeup and body products because I couldn’t as a consumer use my money to support the torture of the beautiful animals 😦 I feel great when I buy cruelty free and support the company’s making a change. Have a beautiful day xx 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I’d definitely the way to go and in the long run I think it would be easier to stick to. That’s one of the concerns with purchasing goods that are cruelty free yet their parent company still tests, I always feel better choosing the ethical option. Have a lovely day xx

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