Fall 2016 – my top 10 favourite things


    Where has 2016 gone? On one hand I’m glad it’s drawing to a close which I pray brings an end to all the horrible things in the world that have been happening inside it but on the other hand I feel like my own year is just getting started, alright it only took 7 months but I am getting there. 

    I love autumn/fall for a number of reasons; nature is giving it’s final bursts of beauty to the world, Christmas is around the corner, everywhere smells like cinnamon, you can get away with dark lipstick and it’s a great time to be a dark brunette also if you’re a winter baby like me, your birthday is also around the corner. Here are my top ten things I love about the season:

    1. Dark lipstick I for one will be rocking matte shades of plum and dark red over the coming months
    2. Layers I live for layered clothing and cardigans become my friend over these months. Scoop neck jumpers, jeans and boots are my go to during this season. 
    3. Cosy night’s in are the best whilst watching autumn telly or movies, they’re even better if you find a willing human to cuddle up with or if you’re me, one or two dogs definitely suffices. 
    4. Roast dinners and warming meals I will miss my salads and light meals for sure but I love the return of roast meals and the soups that follow them. It’s good preparation for the big day on 25.12!
    5. Christmas so I know this is in Winter but according to the stores, it starts in the autumn. I am a huge Christmas person and get just as excited about it as I did when I was growing up. 
    6. Family gatherings again, this is another winter thing but I love this season because I see my family more especially as some of them come from overseas for the holidays. There is nothing better than catching up with alcohol and nibbles on the sofa. 
    7. Sleep I’m convinced that this time of year should be spend hibernating, but we got adult stuff to do which gets in the way, the quality of sleep does get better however as it’s warm and cosycosy. 
    8. Hot chocolate fall means it is socially acceptable to order this or make it yourself. I love hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream on top, it’s the little things in life. 
    9. Humanity I feel like people are a lot nicer in the colder months, we’re more considerate for one another and are mindful of those less fortunate than us, the elderly that may be lonely over the holidays or the homeless forced to go cold and hungry. Massive shopping queues aside, I feel like we have a greater tolerance level for one another and wish that this spirit would carry through the whole year. 
    10. Fireworks there are many things to celebrate during these months – bonfire night, Diwali and New Years. I love fireworks (my dogs feel quite strongly towards the opposite on that), the explosion of colour and light means that even dark long night’s can be enjoyed, just stay safe. 

          I know that this fall will be busy for me as I’ll be undertaking 4 training weeks, 1 per month between September – December alongside this there are still some personal goals I want to achieve before the year is out. 

          Let me know in the comments below what you love about fall, or your favourite season ⬇ 

          Love and (high)light✌

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