Sleeping with makeup on?! 

Credit to whoever made the above meme 😂 

I’m ashamed to admit that I have gone to bed without taking my makeup off. It’s been at times when I’m either too tired (and once too intoxicated) to be bothered to walk to the bathroom and clean my face. 

It is gross to reveal but I want to stress that doing this once or twice in a year or even a month will not ruin your skin or break you out to great proportions. 

Here are my 2 tips to avoid sleeping with your makeup on:

1 – Keep some makeup wipes in your bedroom.

My friend originally suggested this to me and it has been my saving grace. I can remove 90% of my makeup without a mirror and can deal with the rest in the morning. 

2 – Remove your makeup as soon as you get home. 

If I can guarantee that I won’t have to go out again after work then I will remove my makeup as soon as I get home. 

On the occasions that I’ve slept in makeup, my skin hasn’t broken out and it actually looks very healthy and glowy the next morning when I remove my makeup. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in it, I’m just saying it’s alright if it happens because life can get in the way, just don’t let it become a habit👍

As always, comments below are welcome! 

Love and (high)light✌

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