Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Wow! Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner review

This shampoo was on special in my local Sainsburys and as my dyed hair is starting to go a little dull now I thought I would give this a go. I have never tried any products by Phil Smith before so I went in with no expectations. As this is a separate Shampoo and Conditioner I will review them individually below:




“Colour Illuminating Shampoo. Glossy, glowing colour with black tea extract for natural, coloured or highlighted brunette hair.

This deeply moisturising shampoo will restore the rich, dark beauty of your hair, with a liquid shine that brings your colour alive. Way to glow!”

The shampoo is a great cleanser and only takes one lather up to get my hair clean, speaking of lather it lathers a lot which makes me feel like it’s really doing the job (which is not true as SLS free formulas clean just as good without the suds).

You only need to use a small 50p amount to get the most out of the shampoo, the formula is very “snotty” rather than creamy and by this I mean when I try and pour some in to my hand from the bottle, if it doesn’t actually break off in my hand the shampoo gets sucked back in to the bottle. Which is strange and I haven’t had a shampoo do this to me before, I was also expecting the shampoo to be a darker colour, it is actually grey with very fine flecks of brown in it. This shampoo smells so good, it reminds me a little of my favourite perfume Angel by Theirry Mugler.


“Wow! Brunette Colour Illuminating Conditioner. Lustrous colour and shine with black tea extract for natural, coloured or highlighted brunette hair

This nourishing conditioner enhances the natural brilliance of brunette tones and creates a headturning glaze of shine. Instant wow factor!”

The conditioner is beautiful, creamy but not too heavy and smells just as divine as the shampoo. The only problem that I had with it was washing it out, it took so long that it was the first time I truly appreciated living in one of the worst hard water areas in England as I probably would still be in the shower if I had a water softener.

The next day, I found that my hair was shiny but it enhanced my brunette tones to make them lighter, which is closer to my natural hair colour. The system didn’t make my hair any oiler than usual or weigh it down, I did notice that my hair had more texture than usually which is great.

The brand is Cruelty Free but not SLS/Paraben free, which if you’re only looking for CF this is a great shampoo which is very affordable. I would definitely repurchase this and try other products in the range.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite colour enhancing treatment range is!

Love and (high)light✌

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