Cruelty free product of the month: Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream

Dina Tokio mentioned these lip creams throughout her videos a couple of times which influenced me adding these to my Collection, see what I did there?

“Velvety soft, matt-finish lip cream. Enriched with a ultra-moisturising, vitamin-rich formula, the creamy colour hugs lips to give your pout the perfect powdery finish.

The Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream is available in four neutral shades with refined hues that will transform your beauty look.

Try Cotton Candy (pink), Fairy Cake (coral), Powder Puff (nude) and Angel Delight (beige) for a fashion-forward beauty look that is bound to wow!” 

There are only 4 shades in the range, which is a shame because this is such a good lip cream. I bought Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake, Cotton Candy is a very Cyclamen pink shade that is so beautiful. Fairy Cake is more on the Coral side of pink. My favourite almost every day throughout May and June has been Cotton Candy.


The formula is creamy, although as you start to use up the tube it goes a little thicker but doesn’t affect the application. I like to line my lips first (Rimmel Exaggerate full colour lip liner in 063 East End Snob) and then fill in my lips with the cream puff, I only do this for precision and clean edges as I’m not very skilled with the dow foot on the end of the wand. Without lip liner, it has not smudged or wandered off my lip area.

The major pros to this are that it doesn’t crack when it’s dry and it actually makes my lips look bigger than they are. Another positive is that they dry matte but you don’t feel like your lips are suffering.

This lasts a good 5 hours without re-application (which includes a lot of drinking and eating), doesn’t dry out my lips and blends really well with a new application. Even if I haven’t reapplied throughout the day, there is still colour there as I always see it on my cotton pad when I remove my makeup usually 13 hours after application, it blends in really well with the lip when it fades so I am not conscious about a tide mark of colour on the outer edges of my lips, this could be a different story if there were darker colours in the range.

The packaging is small and perfect for my hand bag, although I think it does need to be repackaged slightly. On sale, they are not sealed with a plastic wrap, to avoid waste however I think it should be redesigned with a neck seal similar to the one on a bottle of water. I bought both my shades at the same time, one of them was quite obviously fresh and had plentiful product on the wand foot, the other one though was quite dry like it had been opened and used as a tester for a month before. This was quite disappointing because I purposefully chose bottles quite far back in the shelf to avoid this.

Collection was never a brand that I would gravitate towards, I placed it in the Miss Sporty bracket of “cheap and useless” so I avoided their products. What a mistake that was, not only are they a cruelty free brand but they are such a good quality, there hasn’t been a product in their range yet that I’ve disliked. The first product that I bought by them was the Work The Colour eyebrow palette which has been going strong almost 2 years now, I’ve used the same colour every day and not hit pan yet.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a favourite product or even a HG from Collection!

Love and (high)light✌

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