Filtered beauty sleep

For the longest while studies have suggested that the blue light emitted from our electronic devices interferes with our sleep patterns.  As a result of this it has lead some scientists saying that using your smartphone in bed is as effective on keeping you awake as drinking a cup of coffee before bed.

In honesty by the time I crawl in to my bed, it’s around 11/11:30pm. I feel excessively tired but I will spend the next hour or so on my phone either watching catch up TV or messaging friends. This probably isn’t the best routine but it has fallen in to routine for me nonetheless, if I’m more tired than normal then I will skip the playing with my phone part but I still use it throughout the evening as though it were an extention of my arm.

I downloaded the app Night Screen from the Play Store, as of June 2016 it had a 4.6 (out of 5 stars) rating. The main two features in the free version are the crimson filter to eradicate the blue light and a brightness slider so if you feel that even on the lowest possible default setting it still isn’t dark enough, this app will help you out. Paid features include automatic adjustments at times you specify.

Night 1:

I spent about 2 hours using my phone with the filter activated and fell asleep,

Night 2

I had this app activated around 4 hours before I intended going to sleep, I felt tired during the day with the major fatigue at around 1ish. In bed I felt really relaxed and ready for sleep even though I was doing stuff on my phone..

Night 3

So the night before was the second best nights sleep I’ve had this year, slept straight through for 11 hours and woke up feeling properly rested. Tonight on the other hand, I don’t feel tired or fatigued so this should be interesting.

One week later

So my week has been pretty full on, yet I feel so rested that it could have passed for being off work for a week. Downsides I’ve learned is that I need to pause the filter when taking a screenshot otherwise it picks up the filter tinge. Something I’ve noticed when my alarm goes off now is that I feel like the 7 hours sleep have been sufficient and that I don’t require any more.

At first I was skeptical about claims a bad blue light could disrupt sleeping patterns, but now I’ve disproven my skepticism. I would recommend this app or any blue light filter 100%.

Let me know in the comments belowif you guard your health from 21st century nasties and how!

Love and (high)light✌

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