Secret Sunday: Easily remove hair dye staining from skin

It’s been what feels like ages since my last post but the main thing is that I’m back and posting. I have so many exciting things to review and new posts in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with you all.

So back to the topic in the title, I dyed my hair yesterday for the first time this year. My last dye job was over the holiday season – Mystic Violet from the XXL Colour range by Schwarzkopf, moving forward almost 6 months and I have a combination of roots and blonde peeking through as my lob cut didn’t remove all my bleached hair.

I’m gonna post about this experience fully next because it was the best experience I’ve had since I started using hair dye aged 15 but for now I’m gonna talk about how to get rid of staining.

In order to get all my hairs (including my widows peak) it’s inevitable that dye will end up on my skin, tops of my ears and nape of my neck. I’ve tried everything to get rid of this, including milk but nothing seemed to work as well as… drumroll… Micellar water! Oh my days, is there anything this water can’t do?


While you are waiting for the hair dye to develop on your head, simply soak a cotton pad lightly with a micellar water of your choice and start lightly rubbing the areas with stray dye. You can repeat this step again after you have washed the dye out or later in the evening/next morning if there are any discoloured patches left over.

I couldn’t believe how gentle and effective this method was and would definitely recommend it.

Love and (high)light✌

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