Secret Sunday: Suds and Conditions

You know when you buy the matching shampoo and conditioner within the range and then the shampoo runs out before the conditioner? Yeah I hate that too. But there is a solution to this ratio problem, keep reading for my fix.

Just to say that I have fine to medium hair, which is damaged from a little bit of bleach at the ends, heated styling tools and then normal hair dye going through the lengths.


Before jumping in to my shower, I brush out my hair with a wide tooth comb then apply an even distribution of conditioner to the ends and work up through the lengths to my roots. Then I’ll get in to the shower ensuring the water doesn’t touch my hair until I’m ready to wash it, once I’ve washed my hair with shampoo I will then apply a second helping of conditioner this time only focusing on my lengths and ends, avoiding the roots at all costs. Once I’ve finished washing my body, I will then rinse out the conditioner from my hair.

I believe that Tresemmé have brought out a haircare system based on this method, but theirs in condition then shampoo.

Adopting this method has not taken any volume away from my hair and provided that the conditioner is rinsed out throughly, the hair does not become limp and lifeless.

Let me know if you already do something like this, or would like to share your secrets in the comments below 🙂


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