Elegant Touch Vampire Kiss false nail review


My local Boots has introduced a reduced items stand for seasonal stock that didn’t sell, I found these beauties selling for £1.75. They’re ex-Halloween stock, although in my opinion they’re not obviously Halloween themed.

Following my disappointment from Primark’s claw nails, I was a little more optimistic with Elegant Touch and their false nails.

Sizing and application
In the box you get 24 nails, a buffing file, nail glue and fold out application instructions. At this point, I could see that a lot of consideration was put in the contents of the nail pack and the nails themselves. Sizing the nails was amazingly easy, with 2 of each size and the design matching per pair.
Looking closely at the tip of each nail, I could see a slight outline of the size number which if you know your size for each nail makes the process a hell of a lot easier. The nails themselves, are tapered in thickness so that you get a thin bond against the cuticle with the thickest point being the tip.

I wanted to apply the nails as guided by the supplied instructions to see if they would live up to the “Lasts up to 10 days” claims, so I stuck to the instructions as closely as possible and didn’t improvise with my own technique/glue.

After prepping my nails as usual, I lined the nails up in application order and I noticed even more attention to detail – the nail glue had a snap off nib so you didn’t have to get glue all over your scissors! Application took about 5 minutes, I loved the fact the glue was quite thick so there was no over spill on to my skin and cuticles.

The nails lasted 6 days, which isn’t bad considering I felt like any one of them could snap or ping off. During these 6 days, I got bored of white and wanted to paint over them. First, I tried to remove the existing design with pure acetone on a spare that didn’t fit me, the nails didn’t even lose their shine! So I tried buffing it off instead, which just left the nail surface rough. In the end I gave up and simply painted a matte pastel pink over the top which resulted in a cool marble effect ☺



– Quick and easy sizing
– Not overly seasonal in design
– Comfortable fittings nails
– Glue isn’t overpowering in smell
– Thoughtful packaging


– May be deemed pricy with original RRP  £5-£7
– The strength of the nail where my natural nail finished felt a little weak and flexed under light bending. Despite this, none of the nails broke.

All in all I loved these nails and hope Elegant touch keeps designs similar to this in stock all year around!

Love and (high)light✌

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