Primark PS… 24 Fashion claw nails review


Send me some nudes yeh? I don’t care what type, Lipstick or Nail Polish just as long as it’s not M.A.C. I am still in love with the nude trend although I feel like with my nails I will soon be moving on to matte neon colours just to mix it up a bit.

I’ve been using Primark nails for the past 2 years, but always used the short square tips. I saw these on trend nude claws during my latest visit and really wanted to try them as I’m not afraid of a claw nail and can still use my hands and type as if I didn’t have nails on. As you can see from the packaging, they were £1 for 24.

Sizing and application was really easy as it always is with Primark nails, I prepped my nails as usual and then went about applying the nails. I applied a small amount of Nailene Ultra Quick nail glue at the base of the false nail and then a light film coating the entire of my nail bed stopping short of the cuticle. Repeated this 9 times and had a perfect set of 10 💅.

Application was on a Saturday afternoon, by Tuesday I had my first casualty pop off. I glued it back on when I got home and then throughout the rest of the week subsequent nails popped off. I didn’t have great expectations of the nails longevity purely because they are a longer nail and so there’s a higher level of stress on the tip, also they nails are very plastic so they don’t mould to your nail bed unlike more expensive false nails.


– On trend style
– Nails are slightly curved so they’re a little less dangerous
– Quick to size and apply
– Great if you need last minute nails for an event


– They don’t last a week
– The false nail isn’t very flexible
– The nail could be blended more to achieve a thinner base so that it’s more natural against the cuticle.

To be fair I have a love/hate thing with Primark nails, I prep my natural name exactly the same each time I apply a set, for whatever reason I can have a set last 2 weeks and then the next set I’m constantly reapplying the fallen nails. I’ve stopped using their own glue because I found it very damaging to my own nail and have also found a tube dried up in my unopened pack with the protective seal still on the tube. These are a lifesaver if you need nails now and are pressed for time however.

Let me know if you’ve tried these out in the comments below, I’m expecting an acrylic kit from Amazon coming very soon and I’m so excited for it to arrive and review 😆

Love and (high)light✌

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