REVIEW | Inecto coconut hand & nail cream

Winter really takes its toll on my hands, towards the end of the season the back of my hands are really rough and neglected. Despite showing my nails the love, I rarely remember to use hand cream daily because it’s one of those forgettable things.

Last year, I used the Palmers concentrated hand cream which is also cruelty free and not tested on animals, but I found it heavy and the smell made me nauseous after a while.

One year later and I’m in the same dry hand boat again, my mum was shopping in Savers and I was just browsing their aisles when I came across this amazing hand cream..

There were two choices within the range – Argan infused or Coconut infused, I chose Coconut. After reading the back of the tube, it made it’s way in to my life. I couldn’t get over how something could be so ethical for just £1!

Once I got home, I exfoliated my hands paying particular attention to the backs and sides of my index finger which were the driest parts and applied the hand cream generously. My hands are super soft now and I have even bought one to give to my friend as I am so impressed by this product.


– Very slight coconut smell
– Absorbs quickly
– Responsibly sourced ingredients
– Price
– Non-greasy


– Packaging, a flip lid would be more convenient but this is a personal preference and not really a complaint.

Following this success purchase, I looked up the Inecto website, their mission statement and brand ethics are inspirational considering it is a small British based brand and not heavily stocked in leading stores such as Superdrug and Boots, the multimillion companies such as Coty, L’Oréal etc could really take a leaf out of Inecto’s book and follow in their cruelty free and sustainably sourced ingredients footsteps.

I am really looking forward to buying bits and bobs from the rest of their range and trying them out.

EDIT 16.03.2018 – I have changed the title of this post, added a featured image and updated the signature. Level of cringe re-reading this – 0%.

Love and (high)light✌

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